Convenience Fee for Instamojo Transactions

Enabling the convenience fee option will allow you to pass on the transaction fee to your customers. This fundamentally means, You get what you charge! You can give your customers the choice to pay via any mode: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, UPI, and NEFT, without any additional cost to your business!

How it works:

VIDEO: Instamojo free payment gateway || How to setup convenience fee on Instamojo


  • To enable convenience fees, login to your Instamojo Merchant Dashboard, and GoTo>Settings>Payment Settings>Convenience fees:

<<Screenshot of the updated screen>>

Convenience fees on Smart Pages

For Smart Pages the convenience fee charges will be as follows:

  • If you are a Pro Smart Page user, your buyers will pay 3%+ 3 INR
  • If you a Basic Smart Page user, your buyers will pay 5%+ 3 INR

Convenience fees for Store Transactions

Purchase type

Free plan

Paid plan

Regular Products

5%+3 INR

3%+3 INR

Digital Products

10%+3 INR

5%+3 INR

International & American Express card (Regular Products)

5%+3 INR

3%+3 INR

International & American express (Digital Products)

10%+3 INR

5%+3 INR


Convenience fees on Payment Links

  • For payment links (irrespective of your store or smart page plan), the convenience fee charges will be as shown below:

Purchase type


Regular Domestic Payments

3%+3 INR

Domestic AMEX payments

3%+3 INR

International Payments

5%+3 INR


Note: All the amounts mentioned above are excluding GST of 18% on the fee amount.

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Convenience Fee FAQs:

  • What is convenience fee? 

The meaning of convenience fee is simple. It is a charge that merchants levy from the customers, when they opt for a non-standard payment channel or method, such as Credit/Debit cards, Digital wallets, etc. 

  • Why is a convenience fee charged?

The idea behind levying a convenience fee is to charge the customers for the ease of getting to use alternative payment options while making payments online. For a merchant, it also helps to cover the payment processing fees charged by the banks and payment gateways, without any additional cost to the business.

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