Convenience Fee for Instamojo Transactions

What is convenience fee?

We at Instamojo constantly work towards giving the best experience for our merchants. As part of this, we have introduced a new feature called the "Convenience Fee". This feature allows a merchant to automatically pass on the Instamojo transaction fee to their buyers while collecting the payment.

How Convenience fee works:

  1. Let's say you create a payment link of Rs 1000 and send it to your customer, after enabling the convenience fee option.
  2. The customer clicks on the link to pay the amount that includes a convenience fee/ convenience charge of Rs 38.94 (3% + Rs 3 + GST). 
  3. The customer pays Rs 1038.94 in total. 
  4. You get Rs 1000 in your bank account as per your payout cycle. 

You get what you charge!

Give your customers the choice to pay via any mode: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, and UPI without any additional cost to your business! You can even use Instamojo along with the usual NEFT option you may be offering to your customers.

How to?

You can always enable/disable the convenience fee easily from your Instamojo Dashboard:

  • Just head over to your dashboard and click on settings on the right top corner of your dashboard.
  • Go to “Payment Settings” and Switch on/off the convenience fee, whenever you want!

  • Here's how it will look like for the customer while making the payment: 


Note: Digital goods will incur (5% + Rs 3) convenience fee.


Convenience Fee FAQs:

  • What is convenience fee? 

The meaning of convenience fee is simple. It is a charge that merchants levy from the customers, when they opt for a non-standard payment channel or method, such as Credit/Debit cards, Digital wallets, etc. 

  • Why is a convenience fee charged?

The idea behind levying a convenience fee is to charge the customers for the ease of getting to use alternative payment options while making payments online. For a merchant, it also helps to cover the payment processing fees charged by the banks and payment gateways, without any additional cost to the business.

If you have any further queries regarding the convenience fee, do write to us at 

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