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Would it help if you could have a different Email ID in the Invoices sent out to your customers?

We understand it bothers you to have your Personal Email ID  on the Invoices sent out to the customers after every successful transaction. Now, you can set a different Email ID (official Email ID) that will be displayed on the Invoices sent out to your customer. All you need is to follow these steps :  

  • Once you log-in to your Dashboard, go to "Settings" on the top right corner of the page:

  •  Go to the "Profile Settings" tab:

  •  Enter your Public Email ID here: 


Once this is done, the Email ID that your buyer's will be able to view in the Invoices they receive after every successful payment to your Account will be your Public Email ID.

Note: The Transaction successful Emails you receive from our end will be to your registered Email ID only and not the public Email ID. 

Hope this feature will help you better in your business. In case of any queries, please do feel free to drop a mail to

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