Tracking Refunds with ARN

What is an ARN?

An ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) is a tracking ID with which you can trace the status of a transaction with your bank.

If you are a seller on Instamojo and have issued a refund to your buyer, you can let them track the status of their refund with the bank. An email and SMS with the ARN is sent to the buyer as soon as it is generated.

An ARN is typically generated within 24-72 business hours of initiating the refund.

Locating the ARN:

STEP 1: Once the ARN is generated, it will show up on your dashboard in the resolution center:


STEP 2: Click on a Case to Check Details. Here's an example of a typical refund case with ARN:


Communicating ARN to Buyer:

An email and SMS will be sent to the buyer as soon as the ARN is generated.


Email Sent to Customer:


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