Shipping Charges- What's new!

Shipping Charges: How to?

Hey everyone! We are introducing a new feature for you. You can now add Shipping charges for your individual products. While earlier this was an account level update, we are now changing this to a Product level change. This allows charging shipping over and above the price of the product from your buyer.


There are two ways you can do this:

 1. Charge flat shipping charge for all orders: Irrespective of whether your buyer adds single or multiple products in the order, only one amount will be charged as shipping. This is the account level change which I mentioned earlier.

How to enable this:



     2. Charge separate shipping for each product: This is a new feature we are introducing. While creating a product (create a product link), you will be given the option to add shipping charges for that product. For multiple quantities, the shipping charge will multiply accordingly.

 Here are some videos for you to know better about this:

 Step 1: How to enable this:




Step 3: This is how it appears on the Payment page:



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