Banner dimensions for the New Store themes


Banner dimensions for the new themes are as follows:


Theme Name


Spring 1324px*582px
Flow 608px*436px
bright 1440px*592px
Essence 1440px*592px
Esteem 1440px*650px
Accent 1440px*650px
Grace 1160px*556px
Melody 1160px*556px
Desire 912px*550px
Comfort 944px*550px
Cipher 1440px*480px
Coral 1366px*598px
Gulab 1165px*509px
Ikkat 1366px*628px
Phulkari 780px*622px
Rugged 1366px*544px
Runway 1366px*652px
Sakra 980px*554px
Compass 1250px*563px
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