Steps to integrate instamojo payment gateway with Zoho books

Steps to integrate instamojo payment gateway with Zoho books:

Step 1: Log in to the ZOHO BOOKS account.

Step 2: Click on the settings icon & select the online payments option (Check below screenshot)

Step 3: Click on Instamojo’s box Set up Now button

Step 4: Copy the client id & secret keys from the Instamojo dashboard. Click here to collect keys.

Step 5: Generate Keys using the Direct ( Rest ) API integration option. (Check the below screenshot)

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After putting in the client id & secret key, click on the save button to complete the setup.

Note: Customer email & phone number are mandatory for collecting payment so make sure before creating an invoice.

Step 7: Create an Invoice and select Instamojo as the payment option.

Make sure the Instamojo checkbox is checked for the online payment option in the invoice.

Step 8: Send the invoice to the customer.

Customer interface for making payment:

Customers will receive the invoice in their email for making payment as below. (Check the below screenshot)

After Clicking on Pay Now button on the email below screen will open for making a payment.

After clicking on Proceed to Payment the customer will see the below screen for making Payment.

After successful payment customer will be redirected to the following screen.

If there is a failed payment then the customer will see the following screen.

For successful payment, customers can see payment on Instamojo Dashboard.


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