Guide to Automatic Order Status Tracking

Enhanced Automatic Order Status Tracking feature, a powerful tool designed to simplify order monitoring effortlessly. With this functionality now available through subscription, users can unlock exclusive benefits to streamline their order management process.

In the past, merchants had to manually update order statuses within the dashboard. However, with the subscription-based Auto Shipment Tracking feature, users can enjoy the convenience of automatic status updates directly on their dashboard.

This support article serves as a comprehensive guide on subscribing to the Auto Shipment Tracking feature and enabling automatic order status tracking.

Subscribing to Auto Shipment Tracking:

To access the Automatic Order Status Tracking feature, users need to subscribe to the Auto Shipment Tracking app. 

To access the Auto Shipment Tracking app, users should visit the app store and search for it in either the "All Categories" section or specifically within the "Business Tools" category.

Click on the subscription option to access the features.

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Enabling Automatic Shipment Status Updates:

Once subscribed to the Auto Shipment Tracking feature, users can easily enable automatic status updates by following these steps:

Click on "Update Order Status" within the dashboard.
Enable the "Tracking ID" toggle.
Enter the tracking ID and select the shipping provider.


Enable Tracking ID 

Enter the tracking ID.

Select the shipping provider.

Save the form.

The status will be updated automatically within 12-24 hours.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of real-time order tracking with the Auto Shipment Tracking feature subscription.

The specified shipment statuses will undergo automatic updates for orders.

It is important to mention that these identical statuses will also reflect automatic updates on the buyer's track order page and will be visible within the Orders table column on the Merchant’s dashboard.

Shipment/Order statuses:

Shipment Status  Definition 
Processing Order is placed on the store
Dispatched  Shipment is picked up and started moving from destination A to destination B (For example, Say, Bangalore to Mumbai)
In transit

The shipment has been accepted and is in transit now.

(For example, the shipment has reached Mumbai)

Out for delivery The carrier is on its way to deliver the shipment 
Failed attempt The carrier attempted to deliver the shipment but failed. It usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again
Available for Pickup The package has arrived at the nearest pickup point and is available for pick-up
Exception  Held at customs, undelivered, returned to sender, or any other shipping expectations. 
Expired The shipment has expired as the carrier didn't return the tracking info for the last 30 days
Pending  The shipment is pending as the carrier didn't return tracking info 
Delivered  The shipment has been delivered successfully 
Cancelled  The order has been canceled by the merchant
Cancellation Requested  The buyer requested to cancel the order 
Cancellation Rejected The merchant rejected the buyer’s cancellation request.

Filtering and Managing shipment Statuses:

With the enhanced Manager Orders feature, users can conveniently view and filter the list of new statuses. A drop-down menu will allow users to filter the statuses according to their preferences.

Updating Statuses Manually:

Should a user ever want to manually upgrade the status at any given point in time, they will need to turn off the Tracking ID toggle. Once the status is updated manually, Instamojo will not automatically update it any further. From that point on, users will be responsible for continuing to update the status manually.

If a user wishes to track the status automatically again after updating it manually, they can simply switch on the toggle. This will enable the system to automatically update the status based on the provided tracking information.

Limitations on Manual Status Updates:

Please note that manual status updates are only available for three stages: Processing (default state), Dispatched, and Completed. Users can update the status to one of these three stages manually. For any other status updates, automatic tracking must be enabled.

In case of any issues with order statuses, such as "Wrong tracking ID entered by the users" or "Order status not traceable for more than 24 hours," Instamojo has implemented a notification system to inform users about these issues. These notifications will be displayed on both the Orders details page and the Order table column in the dashboard.

Notifications serve as an alert to draw your attention to any potential issues with the order statuses. If you encounter any of these notifications, please take the necessary steps to address the problem. Here are some actions you can take:

Verify Tracking ID: If the notification indicates that a wrong tracking ID has been entered by the user, it is essential to double-check the entered tracking ID. Ensure that it is accurate and matches the information provided by the shipping provider. Correcting the tracking ID will help in obtaining accurate status updates.


Delayed Status Update: If the order status is not traceable for more than 24 hours, it suggests a potential delay in the shipping process. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to the shipping provider or logistics partner to gather more information about the status of the shipment. They can provide insights into any unforeseen circumstances that might have caused the delay.

By keeping an eye on the notifications on the dashboard, you can promptly address any issues related to order statuses. Resolving these issues will help maintain transparency and ensure a smooth customer experience. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for guidance.

The inclusion of an auto track shipments feature brings several benefits to buyers. They can conveniently access and monitor the updated order status at each significant stage through their track order page. In addition, they will also receive timely email notifications at every important milestone throughout the shipping process.



Here is the list of emails sent to buyers:

1- Order confirmation email
2- In transit
3- out for delivery
4- Delivered
5- Failed attempt
6- Order cancellation request rejected
7-Order canceled


We are confident that the enhanced Manager Orders feature with automatic order status tracking will streamline your workflow and improve your overall user experience. By enabling this feature, you can save time and effort in managing order statuses, ensuring efficient and accurate updates for both you and your buyers. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to our support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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