How to leverage WhatsApp workflow on Instamojo

According to recent statistics, 79% of Indian consumers have shown a preference for WhatsApp as their preferred communication mode. If you would like to send automated messages to your customers on WhatsApp, Instamojo can assist you by sending two types of messages on your behalf:

  1. Reminder Messages: These messages will be sent to customers who have abandoned their checkout process. The purpose is to gently remind them about their pending purchase and encourage them to complete the transaction.
  2. Order Success Messages: These messages will be sent to customers who have successfully made a payment for their order. It serves as a confirmation and expresses gratitude for their purchase, providing essential details such as payment ID and total amount.

Here is how the messages will look


It is important to highlight that in order to comply with WhatsApp's policies and prevent spam, it is necessary to obtain the buyer's consent before sending such messages. We strictly adhere to this policy and ensure that messages are only sent to users who have explicitly given their consent. Buyers will have the option to provide consent on the checkout page, as depicted in the screenshot below. This helps us maintain a respectful and compliant approach when communicating with our customers on WhatsApp.


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