Why is my KYC rejected?

Instamojo reserves the right to suspend/reject a merchant account on our platform, based on the verification of your KYC documents and business model. Any amount withheld in such scenarios will either be refunded to the customer/settled to your account. 

The Company reserves the right to prevent you from using the Website and the Service (or any part of them) and to prevent you from making any transaction on the Website. The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept/refuse /reject registration or acceptance of the order placed using the Services or part thereof, without any obligation of explanation. Read our blog on step by step how to update KYC Documents on Instamojo.


FAQs of KYC (Know Your Customer):

What is KYC full form?

KYC full form is "know your customer".

Can I create a new Instamojo account with the same email ID if my existing account is rejected?

If the KYC status of your Instamojo account is in a rejected state, this is mainly due to business compliance. If you wish to create a new account with Instamojo for a different business using the same email ID, please drop us a mail at support@instamojo.com so that our team can help you set that up.

What will happen to my pending payouts if my Instamojo account is rejected? 

Once your Instamojo account's KYC is rejected, as per the process, all the pending payouts will be refunded back to the source accounts, based on the investigation. Our team will get in touch with you over the mail, in case there are insufficient funds in your Instamojo account, for us to process the refund. 

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