Report a Bug

What qualifies as a bug for bounty?

Anything from typos & design issues to security vulnerabilities like Cross-site Request Forgeries (CSRF/XSRF) are considered bugs.

How do I disclose a bug to Instamojo?

Email with the details of the issue and how to reproduce the issue.

Attributes of a good report

To help us understand the bug faster, your report should provide detailed information about how to reproduce the issue you are seeing.

This may include screenshots, URLs visited, scripts/software used, accounts involved, etc.

Is there a reward/bounty? How much is the amount?

Yes. All bugs are awarded a bounty based on their severity.

The kind and amount of bounty to be given out will be at the discretion of Instamojo.


Scope is not in the scope of bug bounty program.

Currently, the only site included in bug bounty program is, and excludes

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