International Payments

Instamojo enables an international payment gateway for the merchants on our platform, on a case-to-case basis, based on your transaction history on Instamojo. To enable International Payments for your Instamojo account, we would require a fully functional website, with the below-mentioned links:

  1. Link to Terms of Service
  2. Link to Privacy Policy
  3. Link to Returns and Refunds Policy
  4. Link to the Pricing page (Pricing should be in INR)
  5. Link to the Contact Us Page
  6. The Complete address should be mentioned on the website.

Note 1: The majority of the Cards issued in the US, UK, and Canada, are 1FA cards.

Note 2: To know the fees for international payment processing, please check Instamojo International transaction fee.

International Payments FAQs

What is a 2FA card? 

To complete an online payment using a 2-FA(2-factor authentication) card, the customer will have to pass two different authentication factors(for example, an OTP and a password) to verify themselves to better protect both the user's credentials and the resources the user can access.

How do I accept International payments for my Instamojo account?

To request international payment processing, please send an email to, with the above-mentioned details. 

Does Instamojo support multi-currency payments? 

Instamojo processes payments in Indian Rupees (INR). We currently do not support multi-currency payments. For example: Even though an international card is being used, your customers will be charged in INR. 

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