Digital Goods

What are Digital Goods?

If you want to sell soft copies of anything online - anything that is downloadable, you are selling Digital goods. For example: ebooks, music, videos, images, digital art, illustrations.

Digital goods require us to host your files on our servers and therefore, a higher transaction fee is charged. 

I am selling digital goods online, what is the transaction fee that I will be charged?

The transaction fee for selling digital goods on Instamojo is 5% of the amount + ₹ 3, excluding GST.

What is the file upload limit?

If you are selling a Digital Good, file upload limit is 20GB.

But for best results, if it is possible, it is advisable to have a file size less than 1 GB.

Do my Digital Goods payment links expire?

As long as you keep it live, the payment links for your digital links do not expire. If in case you want to take it off, you can make that link inactive.


If you are an artist and selling your music online with Instamojo, Instamojo will save your music safely on it’s server. When your customer makes the payment for the music, they will get the song over email and as a downloadable link.

Can I host the files on my servers? Will the fee remain same?

Yes, you can host the files on your servers. The Product link can be created under "Other".

In such case, the transaction fee will be 2% +₹ 3 per excluding GST.


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