Payouts: When and How

Your money is always safe. Here we explain when and how your Instamojo account balance will be transferred to your Bank Account, automatically.

When will I get my money in my account?

The transaction amount is transferred to your bank account in 3 business days since the day of transaction, after deducting the transaction fee and GST.

For example: If you received payments of ₹1000 on Monday, ₹972.86 will be the amount you will receive on Thursday directly in your bank account.

Instamojo pays its sellers on every business day. That is, you receive a payout everyday from Monday to Friday for your payments.

How do I get Paid out?

You receive the money in the bank account details that you enter during the on-boarding process. We also send you an email for every payout on Instamojo.

I haven't received my payout, what could be the reason?

If it's been more than 3 days and haven't heard received an email from us, please reach out to us at

If in case the Payouts are delayed than the specified time duration, please check your email for communication from us. Your payouts could be on hold any of these reasons:

  • Bank Holiday - If a bank holiday falls on the day of the payout, it will be transferred on the next business day. 
  • Inward settlement to Instamojo- The inward settlement for the transaction has not come in to Instamojo account to release the payouts.
  • Proof of Delivery/Service - For the first few transactions, your payouts could be kept on hold for our compliance team to verify the transactions. They will reach out to you for a proof of service/delivery. Through this verification process, we attempt to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activity. This also ensures that the payments processed by Instamojo are in good faith and are compliant to our Terms of Services.
  • Refund/Chargeback - Your payouts could be kept on hold due to a refund/chargeback filed by one of your customers. Please visit the Resolution Center on your dashboard to communicate with the buyer and resolve the issue.
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