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Can I integrate Instamojo with a website or mobile application?

Yes, Instamojo can be integrated with your website or mobile application. You can integrate across all mobile platforms like Android, iOS & Windows using a Webview.

How to integrate my web application or mobile application with Instamojo ?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to integrate the web and mobile application with Instamojo. Please refer to the following link to check all the parameters which you can pass during an API call

  • Get the final amount from your application call the endpoint of our API. The values of fields like amount,buyer_name, email, and phone are straight-forward. The values of send_email and send_sms should be false.
  • The purpose field can be used to pass the unique identifier created on your end. This helps you to identify a payment against an order on your system.
  • Redirect_url and webhook(a server-to-server request) are important to identify the status of the payment which can be successful or failed. Redirect_url is a URL to which we redirect once a payment is done We append two query parameters like payment_id & payment_request_id on the redirect URL which then can be used to query the data pertaining to that transaction using a GET request.
  • Webhook URL is a POST request from our server which does not require any trigger from the customer’s end. It will post all the details pertaining to the  transaction.
  • We recommend passing both URLs while creating the Payment link because users sometimes close the tab before redirection can happen and in that case webhook request comes in handy and will save you from manual updation of database.

We have wrappers for programming  languages like PHP, Python, Node JS. You can refer to the sample code on the following link

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