All about Request a Payment

Quickest way to collect a payment for any purpose:

You can request a payment from one or more customers by creating a request and sending to them over email or SMS. Customers will receive a link upon clicking which they will be able to pay you for the relevant product or service.

How do I request a payment?

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on ‘Request a Payment’ on top left.

  2. Enter the mobile number or email of the customer from whom you want to request the payment.
  3. Fill up the amount and purpose. Note that the amount can not be less than Rs. 9. 
  4. Once you click on ‘Send Request’, the customer would receive an SMS or email with a link clicking on which will take them to the check out form.

    This is how thepayment rquest will be sent via SMS:

    And when they click on the link mentioned in the SMS, they will be taken to the payment page where they can pay using any mode:

Once a payment has been made on your request, it gets expired automatically. Which means, that no one can pay more than once on the same request. That prevents accidental as well as duplicate payments.


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