Getting Started with the Builder Platform: A Comprehensive Guide

Builder Platform - Home page customization options

"Builder" allows users to customize and design the home page of the store or website. The builder platform mentioned here provides various features and functionalities to modify the layout, sections, and content of the home page.

To use the builder platform effectively, you can follow the steps outlined in the provided information:

Accessing the Builder View: To access the builder view, log in to your dashboard and navigate to "My Online Store." 


Once you reach the storefront side, click on the "Builder" tab to enter the builder view, enabling you to make changes to the home page.

The builder offers various page sections that can be customized according to your needs..

Page sections 

  1. Page header 
  2. Hero Banner
  3. Rich text editor (The rich text editor option is currently accessible exclusively to users who signed up before the builder's launch)
  4. Category showcase
  5. Product Showcase 
  6. Text 
  7. Image+text 
  8. Testimonial 
  9. HTML block 
  10. Store updates 
  11. Footer 

Please note that the Page header cannot be re-ordered or hidden. 

Similarly, the footer section cannot be re-ordered or hidden. 

Multiple layout customization options : 

Users can select from a wide range of custom layouts for every section on the home page. 

Here’s how, you can change the layout of different sections such as the Page header section, Hero banner section, Product Showcase sections etc. 

Click on the edit icon for the section you want to modify, and you will find an option to change the layout. Browse through the available layouts and select the one you prefer. You can follow the same process for other sections as well.

To illustrate the process more easily, let's use the hero banner section as an example.

Step 1: Edit the hero banner section by clicking on the edit icon

Step 2: Click on the change layout option 

Step 3: Select a layout by browsing through all the layouts available 

Streamlined Editing Process: Users can conveniently add banners, testimonials, logos, and more, all in one place. This streamlined editing experience saves time and eliminates complexity.

Edit the hero banner section by clicking on the edit icon


Click on the Add Banner CTA

Specifying the heading, subheading, CTA (Call to Action), and CTA link, and choose the type of banner. After making the necessary changes, click save.


In a similar way, you can configure and customize other sections available on the builder platform. Each section, such as the page header, product showcase, or category showcase, can be modified according to your preferences. 

Enhanced flexibility: We are introducing new sections like Image+Text and Text, giving users more flexibility in presenting their offerings. 



HTML Block section

Additionally, our HTML block section enables users to seamlessly integrate external elements like Google reviews or embed their Instagram accounts

Simply copy the HTML code of the third-party element and paste it into an HTML block section. For example, you can copy the HTML embed code of a YouTube video and paste it into the block.

Product showcase section: When configuring sections like product showcase or category showcase, make sure the relevant products are already added from the dashboard side. This ensures that the sections display the intended content.

Specific layout dimensions for both product and category showcase images are outlined here. Make sure to refer to these dimensions to achieve the perfect visual representation on your customized pages.

Select which set of products you want to showcase in the product showcase, for example, All products, latest products, featured products, or specific products. 

Complete Control: Users can easily add a new section, re-order sections, duplicate existing ones, and hide or unhide elements as needed.

Adding New Sections: To add a new section to an existing one, click on "Add a new section." Select the desired layout, configure the settings for the new section, and save your changes.

Detailed Plan Breakdown

We have rolled out a detailed breakdown outlining what features are accessible for free and paid plan users. This breakdown will offer a comprehensive overview, helping you make the most of your subscription. Click here



Duplicate /hide & unhide/re-order sections: 

You can duplicate a section by clicking on the duplicate icon. 

 You can also hide or unhide sections based on your preferences. 

Re-order a section 

To reorder a section you can simply drag and drop the sections in L.H.S

Sections filters  

The builder platform provides options to filter sections to view all, hidden, or visible sections.


Real-time Preview and Responsive Design

Any modifications you make on the left-hand side of the builder platform should instantly reflect in real-time on the right-hand side, allowing you to see how your changes affect the appearance of the home page. 

You can switch between desktop and mobile views using the corresponding icons to preview how your store looks for buyers on different devices.

You can preview the builder view by clicking on the Preview icon at the right top corner of the store.


Mobile view 

Builder functionality is not available for the store owners on Mobile. For any action store owner needs to switch to the desktop view. 

Note to Simplar Theme Users 

Users who are on simplar theme will not have access to Builder functionality.

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