Invite and Earn Dashboard

Where can I find my referral code?

You can find your referral code from the invite and earn section



How can I monitor the status of my referrals?

You can monitor the status of the referrals from the Invite and earn section as shown above

Status codes and what do they mean?

Signed Up : The person you referred has signed .

Collected 1st Payment:Invitee has collected first payment.

Payment Bonus Approved: Inviter & Invitee is found eligible for referral bonus by the instamojo team. The payment is as per the referral policy. You should receive the cash bonus of Rs 500 in 30 days.

Bonus Received (for 1st payment):You have received a cash bonus of Rs 500.

Subscribed to Premium Store: Invitee has subscribed to the Premium Store - growth annual plan. You will receive a cash bonus of Rs 1000 in 30 days if approved by the team.

Bonus Received (for store subscription): You have received a cash bonus of Rs 1000.


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