Instamojo Referral Program

What is an Instamojo referral program?

Our referral program helps you to receive additional benefits by referring us to your peers and other merchants. For each merchant you successfully refer, you will receive a referral bonus, based on a few conditions.

When is an Instamojo referral successful?

Your referral is successful based on certain conditions, such as mentioned here: 


  1. Your referee (the person whom you referred) has submitted their KYC documents related to their Instamojo account and gotten them verified by Instamojo (users with the trial account are not eligible).
  2. Your referee has received at least one legit business transaction in his/her Instamojo account (via credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPI) from their customer. Please note that there is no specified number of transactions. Our team will be verifying the transactions and approve the referral if found eligible.
  3. Both, you and your referee comply with our terms of service.



1.Your referee (the person whom you referred) has subscribed to the Growth Annual plan of the Instamojo premium Online store.

2.Your referee is a legitimate business and does not cancel his subscription.

3.Both, you and your referee comply with our terms of service.

Disclaimer: Instamojo holds the right to cancel the referral bonus if the referrals don’t meet our referral policies.



  • How will I get to know if my referral was successful?

You will be able to see the status of all your referrals from your Instamojo Dashboard under the Invite & Earn tab.

  • How long does it take for my referral to be verified?

Our team will be verifying all your referrals towards the end of every month and update the status accordingly. Please be informed that the referral bonus will be paid out only once a month, depending on the referral status. Once a referral is successful, you will be able to see it in the Invite & Earn tab.

  • Are self/non-business transactions also considered while verifying the referral?

No. Please be informed that your referrals will be marked successful only once our team validates that the payments collected by your referee as legit business transactions.

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