Instamojo Transaction Fees (No Setup or Maintenance Fees)

Let's start with the basics.
What is a transaction fee?
When someone pays you on the Instamojo platform, a transaction is initiated.
For every transaction, there is a nominal fee that is charged to you. The normal transaction fee at Instamojo is 2% of the amount + ₹ 3 per transaction excluding GST.
For example: if someone pays you ₹ 1000, you'll receive ₹ 972.86 in your bank account. The exact break up of the Instamojo Fee and GST is given below. 

  • Customer pays you: 1000
  • Instamojo fee: 2% of 1000 + 3 = 23
  • GST on Instamojo fee: 18% of 23 = 4.14
  • Amount paid out to your bank account: 1000 - (23 + 4.14) = INR 972.86

This transaction fee is a flat 2% + ₹ 3. Certain payment modes are available on request and there may be a surcharge applied for them. For the sale of digital goods, you will be charged 5% + ₹ 3

^All the prices mentioned above are excluding GST. GST at applicable rates is levied on the transaction fee.

International pricing is subject to change post review by our compliance team.

Why am I charged a transaction fee?
In addition to the payment and infrastructural costs we incur in processing transactions, the fees you are charged allow us to bring to you a feature rich platform that supports you in acquiring new customers, manage and grow your business, and is structured in a manner that is invested in your success.

Modes of Payment
Instamojo supports payments via all major credit cards, debit cards, UPI, wallets and net-banking.

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