Pricing: Transaction Fee (No Setup or Maintenance Fee)

What is a transaction fee?

When someone pays you on Instamojo, a transaction is initiated. Every transaction accounts to a fee that is charged from the corresponding bank.

For every transaction, there is a nominal fee that is charged to you. The normal transaction fee at Instamojo is 2% of the amount + ₹ 3 per transaction excluding Service Tax.

For example: if someone pays you ₹ 1000, you'll receive ₹ 973.55 in your bank account. The exact break up of the Instamojo Fee and Service Tax is given below. 


  • Customer pays you: 1000
  • Instamojo fee: 2% of 1000 + 3 = 23
  • Service tax and cess on Instamojo fee: 15% of 23 = 3.45
  • Amount paid out to your bank account: 1000 - (23 + 3.45) = INR 973.55

This transaction fee is a flat 2% + INR 3 across credit cards, debit cards, and net banking except for the following cases:

1. International Cards - 3% + INR 3

2. American Express Cards - 3% + INR 3

3. Digital Products hosted on Instamojo - 5% + INR 3

4. Wallets (Ola, MobiKwik, FreeCharge) - 2% + INR 3

^All the prices mentioned above are excluding Service Tax. Service Tax and Cess of 15% is levied on the transaction fee.

International pricing is subject to change post review by our compliance team.

Why am I charged a transaction fee?

For every transaction that takes place online, the provider bank charges an amount to us.  A service tax is levied on this transaction too. For this reason, we calculated the best possible transaction rate that serves in the interest of both parties - you as merchants and us as a payments enabler.

Modes of Payment

Instamojo supports payments via all major credit cards, debit cards, wallets and net-banking.

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