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You can use this app to increase your network and get more sales by empowering Affiliates who can promote your products to earn a fee on each sale. Once you have subscribed to the app, you can enable this option on any of your product.

The app lets you to

  1. Set an affiliate fee on each link

You can set a percentage amount that the affiliate gets paid if they bring about any sales to you. For example, if the affiliate fee is 25% and payment amount is 1000, then the affiliate gets paid 250 on each transaction.

  1. Add or invite affiliates who can promote the product

You can manually invite affiliates to promote your product.

You also have the option to ‘let anyone Opt-in to become an affiliate’. If you enable this option, then a button is visible on the payment page where anyone can apply to become an affiliate and promote your product. You can approve all affiliate individually or have them auto-approved by default.

  1. Customize the fee for each affiliate

While you can set a default affiliate fee that all affiliates will get, you can also customize this for each of them.

The app automatically manages

  1. Tracking and attribution of transactions to affiliates

If a transactions happens due to links shared by the affiliate, then they get attributed to them. The app is configured to do this so you don’t have to worry about this.

  1. Intimating you and your affiliates for relevant transactions

For transactions happening from an affiliate, the affiliate gets an email notification and you also get notified about the same in the payment email that you receive. For your end customer, there is no change in the process or communication.

  1. Adjusting payout amounts and payouts to both parties

The affiliate fee gets deducted from the total amount, and gets paid to the affiliate directly. Note that while payouts happen on every business day, the affiliate payouts happen only on each Friday. Also the affiliate payout happens 6 weeks post the transaction to ensure that the customer is satisfied with what they paid for.


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