Generate QR Codes

Ever wondered how QR Codes can make your lives easier to collect payments? A QR code is a smartphone-readable code that can store a link or other information. This app lets you create a QR code for

  • Any of your Product
  • Your Instapay profile

 This QR code can then be shared digitally or physically by you via stickers, on posters, on your visiting card and other channels.

Instamojo also lets you brand your QR code with your logo, so it stands out amidst other ones out there. The QR code generated is print friendly, and all your Instamojo product links are mobile optimized to ensure a great experience for your customers and better conversions for you.

Warning: For Instamojo generated QRCODE, you need a generic QRCODE scanner. You can get one here:

Also, please note that Apps such as Paytm, BHIM, all-bank-apps *cannot* process Instamojo generated QR CODE.

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