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Your Online Store is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) by default.

Can I control the SEO settings for my products I upload on my Instamojo Online Store?

Yes. Every time you Add a Product, a product page is made. When there is a page, there is SEO. Instamojo lets you control the meta tags of every payment link you create.

How to optimize payment links for SEO?

  • In your Dashboard, scroll down to see a list of ‘Payment Links’.
  • Go to the payment link you want to optimize and click on the three dots ‘…’, click on edit link.
  • Scroll down to SEO Options.There are four settings:

SEO Title - SEO title is the main title that appears on the top of the page. In google search, it appears as the first line. Ideally it should be less than or equal to 70 characters including spaces, to appear in google search properly.

By default, the SEO title is the title you gave to your payment link. You can leave it blank to use the same as your SEO title too.

Tip: Focus on one keyword relevant to your payment link (your product) and include it as the first words in your SEO title.

Description - Meta description provides concise explanation about the content of the page. In google search, it appears as the text below the title. Ideally it should be less than or equal to 160 characters including spaces.

Your payment link SEO description should describe your product within 160 characters - nothing more, nothing less.

Tip: Your focus keyword should appear as first words in your description. You can also include other related keywords here.

Keywords - Describing meta keywords helps Google to crawl your product faster for people searching for those keywords. It does not appear anywhere on your page literally but is hidden within the code of the page. You can add as many keywords as you want but keep it relevant and make it up to 8 keywords.

E.g. If your product is a Men’s shirt, you can use keywords like:

Mens shirt, mens shirt online, mens shirt online india, cotton mens shirt

Canonical URL - If the content you’re using for this offer is copied from a page on your website, you can put the URL of the page here to avoid duplicate content penalty.

By entering a canonical URL, you’re telling the search engines that multiple pages should be considered as one.

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