Get Featured as #ShopOfTheDay on Instamojo

Want to give your Online Store a push?

Pay to get featured for #ShopOfTheDay across Instamojo's social channel - namely Facebook & Twitter and find new audience.

You need to give us some information, viz

  1. Channel -- Choose #ShopOfTheDay channel where you want to promote your store.
  2. Date -- When do you want us to feature you.
  3. Your Instamojo store URL -- Share your Instamojo Store URL for this promotion.


  1. For #ShopOfTheDay examples, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter feed --Example on Facebook and Example on Twitter.
  2. Requests on getting featured would be on First-Come-First-Serve basis. So, one who pays first for a certain date to get featured -- we feature them first.
  3. This promotion exclusively runs Instamojo social channels, namely Facebook or Twitter depending on the options you choose.
  4. We keep your Store post forever on our Social Media channels for future discovery.
  5. We optimize the timing of the post across channels to give maximum visibility to your store.
  6. Getting featured is subject to pre-approval and curation by Instamojo team.
  7. The amount paid for this promotion is non-refundable & non-negotiable. But, if we decide to not feature your store (refer to the last point), we will issue a full refund.
  8. For more queries, please

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