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Here's an explanation of terms you may see in your payout mail.

What is held amount?

Held amount is the sum of your sales for transactions which are under review by Instamojo.

If a specific transaction is under review, we place a temporary hold on an amount equivalent to that of the disputed transaction. This will not be paid out until an internal review has been completed. Held funds can either be reversed back to you or refunded to your buyer based on the outcome of the review.

Why is my transaction under review?

Your transaction could be under review for one of the following reasons:

  1. Buyer Dispute - One of your buyers disputed a payment made to you in the recent past.
  2. Refund - You voluntarily initiated a refund to one of your customers.
  3. Instamojo Risk Check - One of your payments is under review as our internal systems have alerted us on possible fraud. This could be raised for multiple reasons such as suspected buyer fraud, abusive buyer behaviour and usage of stolen cards, among others.

What can I do about this?

All transactions under review have cases created for them in the Instamojo Resolution Center. You may follow up individually with each of your customers and resolve issues through this platform. You may also initiate refunds if so desired.

What is amount refunded?

Amount refunded is the sum of your sales for transactions which have been returned to your buyers. This could be either because you voluntarily issued refunds to your customers or if the outcome of the resolution process was in favour of the buyer.

What is held amount reversed?

Held amount reversed is the sum of your sales which were held but later released to you, if the case was resolved in your favour. This amount is the difference between the held amount and the amount refunded to the buyer.

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