Deferred Payout

What is a deferred payout cycle?

A deferred payout cycle differs from the regular cycle of T+3 (payout on the third business day from the transaction date). The payouts are temporarily put on hold until our RISK and COMPLIANCE team can verify the same.

This means that they will be released post buyer confirmation of the receipt of the purchased product(s)/service(s) or if the buyer authorises the same on a verification call/email.

A deferred payout cycle is not a permanent measure, and we would be working to reinstate you to a regular payout cycle at the earliest.

For how long will my account be on a deferred payout cycle?

Instamojo has a robust RISK and COMPLIANCE team in place. We follow industry standards and maintain bank-level security. Based on our risk mitigation system and the complicity of your buyers in responding to our verification methods, we would be working to resolve your payout cycle at the earliest.

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