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When should I integrate Instamojo?

We would recommend that you should integrate Instamojo only if required. There are many use cases where you don’t actually need to integrate our platform and can start accepting payments instantly. We are mentioning a few guidelines below which may help you make this decision:

  1. If you have more than 10 products and have customers who buy more than one product at a time. You should ideally use any one of the plugins which we support or integrate our API in case you have built a custom cart.
  2. If you want to have complete control over the payment flow and if the pricing of your product and services varies from time to time. This implies if your product or service needs to be dynamically priced then you should integrate our API.  
  3. If you want a tighter and seamless integration and want to optimize the number of steps and clicks which are required to complete a payment.

Note: Integration is a buzzword. You should integrate only if it serves your business case well and you have the tech expertise to do so. We have come across many customers who want to integrate and have spent weeks doing that. They could have easily utilised this time to concentrate on their core business.

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