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Can I create a test account or sandbox account on Instamojo?

Yes, Instamojo does provide you with an option to create a sandbox account to test your integration before you can go live on your website or application. You can test various scenarios and use a dummy card for test transactions. We have mentioned the steps to create a test account below

You can create an account on https://test.instamojo.com
The OTP for test.instamojo.com is 1234.

For payments use the following card details:

Credit Card:

Mastercard -

Card Number: 5214 4789 0000 5330

Expiry: 01/2025

CVV: 123

OTP: 111111


Card Number: 4065 6200 0000 1239

Expiry: 01/2025 CVV: 123 OTP: 111111

Debit Card:

Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiry: 01/25

CVV: 111


For API you can access your new developers credentials(API key, Auth Token and Salt) from here: https://test.instamojo.com/developers/

You will have to replace instamojo.com to test.instamojo.com everywhere in the code including the API endpoints.

Please note - You do not have to submit documents or go through the onboarding flow when you create a test account. 

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