Add your Product to the Reseller Program

Our Reseller Program lets you spread your network by letting others sell your products on your behalf.

Steps to add product to your to the reseller program:

  1. Click on "Edit product" option for your existing products 

  2. Opt in to add your product to the Reseller Program and enter the commission you want give your reseller 

  3. Make sure you add relevant tags, description and product category.                                   
    This will make your product more discoverable on the platform .  Use words that describe your product as Tags . This will make sure resellers see your product when they search for it. 

Here’s how reseller commission is calculated :

For every product reseller, you can specify the reseller commission as a percentage. This amount is calculated on the transaction amount.

For example, consider that the transaction value is 100.

  •       Instamojo fee is 2% + Rs. 3
  •       Reseller Commission set by you is 20%

In this case -

  •       Transaction Amount: 100
  •       Reseller Commission (20% x 100): 20
  •       Instamojo fee (2% x 100): 2
  •       Fixed transaction fee: 3

Net amount you receive: Rs. 75



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