Affiliate System

Our Seller affiliate system lets you spread your network by letting others sell your products on your behalf.

Steps to activate affiliates:

  1. Subscribe to the Affiliate App. You’ll see the affiliate option for every link that you create.
  2. Set a fee that your Affiliate will get.
  3. You can then add individuals one at a time whom you want to invite to be your affiliate.
  4. Once they accept, they will get a link which they can share with their audience, and both of you benefit when they purchase.

Here’s how Affiliate calculation works

For every product affiliate, you can specify the affiliate fee as a percentage. This amount is calculated on the transaction amount.

For example, consider that the transaction value is 100.

  •       Instamojo fee is 2% + Rs. 3
  •       Affiliate fee set by you is 20%

In this case -

  •       Transaction Amount: 100
  •       Affiliate fee (20% x 100): 20
  •       Instamojo fee (2% x 100): 2
  •       Fixed transaction fee: 3

Net amount you receive: Rs. 75

How to use the app

To activate this app, simply subscribe it for free and go to yourdashboardwhere you will find theaffiliatetab for every product you have created. 1. Login to your Dashboard and click on App Store on the Left Hand Side.

  1. Then Click on Get for free on Add Sales Affiliates.
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