Add Discount Code

How to add a discount code for a Product/How to create coupon codes to provide sale discounts to your customers:

1. Login to your Dashboard and scroll down in the ‘Product and Store’ section to find the link you want to add discount for. Click on it so that it expands to show more options.

Click on Discount Codes. (Follow the arrow in the image below)


2. If you want everyone who views your Product link to see an option to use a discount code, please check the ‘Show your customers the option to use discount code’ option. If you’d like only a specific customer to get the discounted price, you can just share the URL with them which has the discounted price.

3. Add the Code you wish to, Amount and you can also set a limit to the quantity of products to include for that discount (leave blank for no limit). Click on ‘Add Code’ and your discounted Product link will be shown below in the list.

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