Pay what you want

What is Pay What You Want?

Pay what you want(orPWYW) is apricing strategywhere customers pay their desired amount for a given commodity. You can set up a minimum/base price for your product or service, and buyers can choose to pay anything equal to or more than the base price.

A few cases use cases for PWYW:

1. Selling Art & Music: If you’re selling a work of art or anything creative, you could encourage your customers to decide the price they deem fit for your product.

2. Collecting Donations: While collecting donations, you’d like to have your donors enter the amount they’d like to donate, rather than having a fixed amount. You can set a minimum amount here and the donors can pay any amount over that.

How can I set my links price as Pay What You Want?

  1. WhileAdding a Product to Store, first set the base price in the price field of the form.
  2. Check the button corresponding to ‘Use Pay What You Want’ and create the link.


  1. Now, your customers can choose to pay the base price + any amount they want, upto a maximum limit of Rs 1,00,000.


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