Variants for Product

What are variants for a Product?

Sometimes, you may want to sell different variations of the same product, based on the customer choice. If these variations have different prices, you can add them as variants to your primary Product link.A few examples are:

  1. Selling a T-shirt with different sizes (S,M,L,XL): priced at Rs 500,600,700 and 800 respectively.
  2. Selling an event’s tickets with different tiers - Platinum/Gold/Silver with different prices
  3. Selling a service subscription on monthly, half-yearly or yearly plan.

How do I add variants?

  1. To add variants, you must have already created a Product link which corresponds to your base offering (or the offering with lowest price). In the above examples, prices for those links would correspond to S-size T-shirt, Silver-Class Ticket and monthly subscription. Explaining the T Shirt Link Example: This payment link is for a T shirt called “Spread the Mojo”. Prices for its variants are: Small: Rs. 500, Medium: Rs. 600, Large: Rs. 700 and Extra Large: Rs. 800. Here in the payment link, the price is set at 200 which is the base price. For variants, the price is added on top of the base price.
  2. Find the link on the Product and Store, click on it and select the variants option.
  3. Add the name of your variant, the additional price (on top of the base price you have already specified in the link) you want to quote and quantity (if you want to limit the quantity for this variant).**Please note that the amount you specify here gets added to the base price that you have specified for the link. **
  1. You can add as many variants as you want.

Here, the Variants will show as a Category Name “Options” which you can change by clicking on the ‘Edit Category Name’. You can call it Sizes or Size options - whatever seems fit.


5) You can always edit a variant’s characteristics (name, price or quantity) or even disable it completely.

6) Now, your Product link is ready with multiple options for your customers to choose from. They will always be paying the right amount for the right product without any confusion.
To check it, go to your Product link and click on ‘Pay Now’.


This is how the checkout flow will show your variants:

** Note that **the price of variants show as + extra price. It means the base price of the link is Rs. 200 and the extra price for different variants varies. So the final payment price will be base price + variant price. Here, For a small size of the T shirt, the payment price will be Rs. 200 + 300.** **

There is also the option of adding multiple variant categories, so you can have multiple categories like Color, Size etc. If you need assistance with this, then write to us at and we will be glad to help out.

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