Validation Requirements for all Fields

What are the validation requirements for all the fields?

Here is a list of fields and the requirements on how to fill them:

  1. Username: 3-30 characters. Letters, numbers and _ characters
  2. Password: Max length 128 characters.
  3. Email: A valid email address. Max length 75 characters.
  4. Phone: A valid phone number in the following format - +919876543210
  5. First name: Max length 75 characters.
  6. Last name: Max length 30 characters.
  7. Location: Max length 100 characters.
  8. Bank Account Holder Name: Max length 100 characters.
  9. Bank Account Number: Digits only. Max length 50 characters.
  10. IFSC Code: A valid IFSC code. Max length 11 characters.
  11. Amount: A positive number. Minimum is 9.00
  12. Purpose: A max length of 30 characters.
  13. Redirect URL: A valid url
  14. Webhook URL: A vaild url
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