Sharing Payment Links

How do I share my payment links with my customers?

To share the payment link you created, go to dashboard.

Click on "Payment links" on the left hand side of the dashboard. 

A list of payment links will appear on your dashboard now. Find the one you want to share with your customers. You will see a message icon on the right side of that link. Click on it and a share window will appear. 


You can share this link in multiple ways:

1. Copy-Paste: Click on Copy in the same window. The link will be copied to your clipboard which you can paste anywhere you want.

2. Email: When you click on email, a compose window will open from where you can send emails to your customers. 

2. Facebook: Clicking on Facebook button will open a Facebook share pop-up which enables you to share the link on Facebook. Here is how it looks:


3. Twitter: Clicking on Twitter button will open a Twitter pop-up which lets you edit a tweet along with the payment link.


If you are sharing the link using your mobile device, these two options will be available:  

4. WhatsApp: This opens your WhatsApp app where you can select the contact/group where you want to share this payment link.

5. SMS: This will open a compose SMS on your phone where you can edit the message along with the link. <insert screenshot>






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