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What is a Payment Link?

Whenever you need to send a payment request, or in other words, share a payment link with anyone - click on "Create a Payment Link". This essentially means you are enabling others to pay to you using this link. You can set a purpose of payment on this link and this can be shared across any communication channel like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Facebook, etc.

Payment links will not clutter your online store. This is the simple "Pay with a link" that creates a personalized link with just one purpose - collecting online payments.

Example: As a freelancer, you can use them to collect payments from your clients. You can put that link up on your personal blog and let people pay you there itself.

Once you have created a payment link (link article), there are a number of things you can do with it:

1. Share it: You can share the payment link via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and WhatsApp(link article)

2. Use as a payment button: You can embed this link on your blog/website to collect payment.

3. Track sales: You can check on how much money you collected via this link.

4. Switch Off: You can make the link inactive by switching off the link. 

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