Difference between Payment link and product link

Should I select Create a Payment link or Add a Product?


When you login to your dashboard, there are two green buttons on the left hand side which defines Payment link and Product Link.

In simple flow:

"Create a Payment link" -> Creates a payment link in one click -> share it with others via communication channels to get paid instantly.

"Add a Product" -> Creates a detailed product link for your online store -> Showcases it on your Instamojo Online Store.

Here is a detailed explanation:


If you are looking to collect payment from your clients for a purpose, you will want to just create a link that you can share with them. They will then click on it and make the payment. Per say, you are a freelancer and you handle multiple projects. Now to collect payments from your clients, you can create a "Payment link" and share it with them.

Payment link is simple to create, friendlier to manage and you can share the link in just one click. 

This feature is really helpful in

-Collect ad-hoc payments with a link: All you have to do is give the purpose and amount while creating the    payment link. 

-Send via email, sms, whatsapp, etc: You can share the link with your customers using Email, Facebook,  Twitter, SMS or WhatApp.

- Embed payment buttons on your website/blog: If you have a website you can embed the HTML code and  collect payments. 



 If you don't have a website no need to worry anymore. Build your e-commerce enabled online store without  coding or hosting hassles.

-You can add attractive images of your product and make your online store more attractive by adding a  cover Image. 

-You don't need any coding skills to create your own store.

-You can list all your products on your online store.

-A lot more than listing your products: You can give discounts, get shipping details of your customer, create  an event and tune SEO setting. 


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