Instamojo Analytics (Beta)

Instamojo Analytics offers more data with several charts (with interactive filters) to help you make more sense of your sales and payments data. It is in beta mode currently.

Analytics section can be reached by clicking on the ‘Analytics’ button in the left-side menu bar.

Once in Analytics, you will see five different charts/tables, summarising an overview of your sales and payments over time:

  • Sales and Transactions Overview: Shows total sales, transactions and unique customers over 4 different pre-selected periods - Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days and Lifetime. For first three periods, the table also shows % change from previous period. For example, how much % change happened to your sales/transactions/customers from Day Before Yesterday to Yesterday.
  • Gross Sales Volume over Time
  • Successful Transactions/Payments over Time
  • Unique Customers over Time
  • Average Transaction Size over Time

Interactive Filters

  • You can filter and group the data to select any period or grouping that you want.
  • Use Date Range filter to expand the range of time considered for all charts. You can select from one of the pre-given options, or choose any custom date range of of your choice.
  • Use Aggregation filter to group the data by your desired time period. You can select from various options such as Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly.
  • Once you have selected the filters, click on ‘Apply’ and all the charts would change accordingly.
  • The first table would be unaffected by the filters, as it shows data for pre-determined periods only.
  • The default filters are kept at Aggregation:Daily and Date Range:30 Days.

Other Important Things to Note

  • All charts would be updated once a day.
  • There might be a slight discrepancy between your actual sales data (as shown in ‘Sales and Customers’ section) and the data shown on chart. We are working on making the data in charts and reports 100% accurate.
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