Maximizing Sales: A Guide to Instamojo's Abandoned Cart Reminder Emails with Discount Codes.


Enhanced Abandoned Cart Reminder Emails with Discount Codes

The earlier version of our Abandoned Cart Reminder Email feature allowed merchants to send automated and manual reminder emails to customers who abandoned their carts. 

With the recent upgrade, we've introduced the capability to include discount codes in these reminders, providing an additional incentive for customers to complete their purchases. 

This enhancement aims to boost sales recovery efforts and offer a more compelling and value-added experience for our merchants.

Accessing the Feature:

To access the Abandoned Cart Reminder Email feature, follow these simple steps:

Navigate to your Dashboard and log in using your credentials.

Access Workflows:

Click on the "Workflows" option on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

Under Workflows, select the "Abandoned Cart Reminder Email" option. 

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Subscribe to the App

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You can also access the Abandoned Cart Reminder Email app from the Instamojo App Store in the Marketings section and All categories. 

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Once subscribed, enable the discount coupon flow within the app.

Toggle ON the Select a Coupon option.

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You can create a new coupon by clicking on Create a New Coupon (or) selecting a discount coupon from the list.

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The selected coupon will be sent in the abandoned cart reminder emails. 

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Criteria for Eligible Coupons:

Ensure that your coupons meet the eligibility criteria.

The "Select a Coupon" table will only display coupons that meet the specified criteria.

From this list, choose the desired coupon to be included in the reminder email. If necessary, edit the selected coupon by clicking on the edit icon. 

Eligibility criteria checklist 

  • Coupon validity must not exceed the expiration date.
  • The minimum order amount should align with the buyer's checkout amount.
  • Ensure the promo code is up to date.
  • Select a promo type (Flat or Percentage) for the coupon.
  • Restrict specific product selection; opt for "All products" to apply the coupon universally.
  • Activate the coupon to make it eligible for inclusion.
  • Only coupons meeting all criteria will be listed in the "Select a Coupon" table.
  • Expired coupons are automatically removed from the list by Instamojo after a certain period.

Be sure to save the form to confirm that the chosen coupon will be sent in the reminder email.

Note: You have the option to independently create discount coupons outside the Abandoned Cart Reminder Email workflow. To do so, navigate to "Store Discount > Coupons" on the left-hand side (LHS) of the dashboard.

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Sending Automated Reminder Emails:

  • If Select a Coupon Flow is enabled, automated emails triggered by Instamojo will include discount coupons.
  • If the Select a Coupon flow is disabled, the automated emails will be triggered by Instamojo but without a discount coupon. 

Sending Manual Reminder Emails:

Access the manual reminder email flow from "Store Orders > Abandoned Cart Flow."

Click on "Send Reminder" to manually trigger reminder emails. 

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  • If the Select a coupon flow is enabled from the Abandoned cart reminder email workflow, manual reminders will also include discount coupons.
  • If the Select a coupon flow is disabled, the manual emails will be triggered but without a discount coupon.

Please note that users utilizing the Free online store subscription plan won't have the option to subscribe to the Abandoned cart reminder email feature / the app. To access this feature, kindly subscribe to our Growth subscription plan.

To access our subscription plans, log in to your dashboard, navigate to the top right corner, open the profile dropdown, and select "Subscription Plans."

Act now to subscribe

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