Autofill Checkout Address Premium Feature!

This guide is tailored for our merchants, providing insights into how this app works and the remarkable benefits it offers.

Exclusive Benefits for Subscribed Merchants:

  • Speeds up the checkout process.
  • Reduces errors in address entry, ensuring accurate deliveries.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with a smoother and error-free checkout experience.

How It Works:

Merchant Subscribed to the App:

  • Subscribing to the Autofill Checkout Address app empowers you to streamline the checkout process effortlessly.
  • Enjoy the benefits of automatically filling in address details during checkout.
  • Experience improved customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate and efficient address entry.

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Merchant Not Subscribed to the App:

  • Without a subscription, manual address entry will be required during checkout.

App Store Integration

  • Log in to your Instamojo dashboard.
  • Find the Autofill Checkout Address app in the app store under "Business Tools."
  • Subscribe to the App
  • The app costs you 3000 mojo plus points /month Please be aware that the subscription Call-to-Action (CTA) will be deactivated if you do not possess a sufficient amount of mojo plus points in your system.

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Easily Subscribe with Mojo Plus Points:

  • In case of insufficient points, simply add mojo plus points to your account for a seamless subscription process.

Login to your dashboard > Find App Store> Buy points 

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 Points deducted for Premium Access:

  • Deducts only the required mojo plus points from your account when opting for this premium feature.
  • Each point is equivalent to 118 rupees per 1000 points, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective subscription.

Subscribe today and ensure your business operations are elevated with efficient and error-free checkout experiences!

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