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Signing up with Instamojo as an individual or as a proprietor of a business for a Trial Account only takes few minutes.

Please note that Instamojo serves businesses in India, if your business is not registered in India or you are not an Indian citizen, we will be unable to serve you at the moment.

Here is the information you will need to sign up:

Email address

  • Please use a valid email address that you check regularly.

Phone number

  • 🇮🇳 Indian mobile phone numbers are accepted. (+91 ISD code.)
  • Provided number should be able to receive SMS for one-time-passwords (OTP)


  • Username is visible to everyone.
  • Username is included in the link to your store and payment links created by you.

PAN number

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued in India.
  • PAN number is required to pay out the earned money.
  • Use business PAN number if you have one for the business.
  • Use your own PAN number otherwise.
Bank details
  • Account Number
    • Earned money is transferred directly to your/business bank account.
    • Provide bank account details for the business if you have a separate account.
    • Provide your own bank account details.
  • IFSC Code


Steps to Sign Up on Instamojo.

1. Visit the home page:

2. Click on Sign Up.


3. Ensure you are signing up as a Business. Enter your email and pick a strong, unique password for your Instamojo account.

Click on Signup as Business to continue to the next step.


4. You should see the following screen. Verify your phone number by entering your phone number and then click on Send OTP.



5. Check your phone and enter the OTP received via SMS. Click on Verify to continue.

6. Choose the option to get started with your online business. You may select Payments or Free online store to proceed further.



7. You will now reach to our onboarding steps. 

Step 1: Choose a username that matches your business, or pick a suggested username if you like and click on 'Next: Business details.'




Step 2: Enter your business details by selecting the options given in the below screenshot. 



Step 3: Enter More business Details:

- Enter your/business PAN number

- Enter your/business name as it appears on the PAN card.

- Enter your/business address, state and pin code.

- If applicable to your business, enter the GSTIN.

- Click on 'Next: Bank Details' option to proceed further. 


Step 4: Enter Bank Account Details:

- Enter your bank account number and confirm bank account number.

- Enter your bank account holder name.

- Enter your IFSC code. 

- Finally click on 'Accept Terms & Create Account'.



8.  You will now be logged in to your Instamojo Dashboard.

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