Fees for Next Day Payout and Instant Payout

The standard payout schedule is T+3, that is, for every payment made through Instamojo, the money is automatically transferred to the merchant's account within three business days. We understand that this schedule impacts the cash flow for some of our merchants.

We are working with various banking and lending partners to enable such merchants to receive the funds on the next day through the feature Next Day Payout. We typically pay out the merchants before we are settled these funds ourselves. There is an additional fee charged for availing either of these services.

Note: Next Day Payout (NDP) and Instant Payout are beta features and not yet generally available to all merchants:

  • If NDP is enabled for your account, you can subscribe via the App Store at https://www.instamojo.com/apps .
  • If Instant Payout is enabled for your account, you will see a new section on the left hand sidebar under Sales and Customers.
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