Add Product button is not visible on my Dashboard


If you have been a long-time user of Instamojo, you may be used to seeing the "Add Product" button on your dashboard. This button was previously displayed to everyone, even if you only used Instamojo for other features such as Smart Links.

We recently launched a brand new Online Store in December 2018. Going forward, only merchants who have shown interest in using the store will be shown the "Add Product" button. 

Important Changes:

1. Previously, you could disable store to hide all products added to the store. However, you could still use the product links to accept payments while the store was disabled.

2. If you still want the same use-case, we recommend using Smart Links (Create Payment Link > Smart Link)

3. By enabling the Online Store, all products that you have added to the store are visible to all visitors to your store. If you have used Privacy Settings to hide specific products from the Store, they will not be shown, as expected.

You can enable the Online Store for your account with the following steps:

1. Click on your name/icon in top-right corner to open the Profile Menu, then click on Settings.



2. On the settings page, click on Store Settings.


3. Once the Store Settings pane is open, click/tap on the toggle button to enable your store.


4. Done! You should see the Add Product button as expected.



Note: If you already had existing products added, they will continue working as expected.

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