FAQs- Domains and Emails app

1) Can I buy more than one domain ?

No, currently a user can buy only one domain through the Domains and Emails app.


2) What if I want TLDs (.com, in, .org etc) other than the ones that show up in the search results.

The TLDs that show up in the search results for your domain are the only ones that are available with us for that particular domain name at this point. We will not be able to provide you with other TLDs at the moment. However, the current list covers most popular TLDs and we hope that you’d be able to pick one that you like.


3) When do I get my verification email ? What happens if I don’t verify?

You should typically receive the verification mail within 2 hours of purchasing your domain. You should follow the instructions in the mail to complete verification. Failure to verify your domain within 14 days of purchase would lead to the permanent suspension of your domain. You would be required to buy the domain again at full price should you need access to it.


4) What is the validity of the domain?

Domain is valid for one year from date of purchase.


5) How do I renew my domain?

Currently, you can drop us a mail at support@instamojo.com to renew your domain.


6) How do I update DNS settings for a domain purchased on Instamojo?

You can update the A value (IP address), CName, MX value (mail server)  etc for your domain from the DNS settings section in the app dashboard


7) If I buy a mailbox on Instamojo for a domain that was purchased externally, How do I update MX value for that domain?

You can update MX record for the domain by logging into the control panel of your domain service provider. You will find the MX record under DNS settings.


8) If I buy a mailbox on Instamojo for a domain that was also purchased on Instamojo,  how do I update MX value for that domain?

MX value for a domain that was purchased on Instamojo is automatically updated when you buy a mailbox for that domain from us.


9) How does a user log into their mailbox for the first time?

A user can log into their mailbox for the first time by going to mail.hostedemail.com and and logging in with the default password.


10) How can a user change their password after log in?

After logging in, a user can go to settings>> password and choose to reset their password by following these steps:

  • Input Current password
  • Input New password
  • Confirm new password

11) How can a user configure their email on their phone or other mail clients like Outlook,Mac mail etc ?

The below guide can give you step by step information on how to configure your email on your phone (android/ios) and other mail clients like Outlook, Windows 10 and Mac mail. Check out the guide here: *******url**********


12) Can I buy mailboxes for more than one domain on Instamojo?

No, you can currently purchase mailboxes for only one domain.


13) What is the validity of the mailboxes?

Mailboxes are valid for one year from purchase, provided the connected domain is also valid during that period.


14) How can I edit name/ email IDs once added?

You can click on the edit icon next to the particular entry in the Email Settings tab and make the necessary edits. If an email ID is changed after the user has logged into that mailbox once, the user will have to re-login with the new email address and latest password (used at the time of last login). Any email that they may have received to the previous email address would still be present in the mailbox.


15) Can I delete a mailbox?

No, a mailbox can’t be deleted. Once purchased, it is valid for a year.


16) How can I renew a mailbox?

Currently, you can drop a mail to support@instamojo.com to renew a mailbox?


17) Can I cancel a domain once purchased?

No, you can’t cancel a domain once you have purchased it. It will be valid for a year, provided you do your  domain verification.


18) Can I cancel a mailbox once purchased?

No , a mailbox can’t be deleted once purchased. It is valid for a year from the date of purchase, provided the connected domain is also valid for that period.


19) Can a mailbox be assigned to another user?

You can always edit the email address and name associated with a mailbox. However, the mailbox would continue to contain the emails sent to the previous recipient.


20) Can I purchase additional mailboxes?

Yes, you can purchase unlimited mailboxes for the same domain.


21) Will I get a refund if my domain is suspended due to non verification?

No, you will not get a refund if your domain is suspended due to your failure to complete the verification process.


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