mojoXpress Cash on Delivery (COD) - FAQs for Sellers

  • What is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

It is a payment method where the buyer pays for an item in cash when we deliver the product to him/her. This increases the chances of buying in your store. However, you will need to bear additional COD charges.

  • How does COD work?

Buyers buy a product on your Instamojo store and select "Cash On Delivery" as the payment type. We trigger an OTP verification to the buyer's phone number. After phone number verification, we confirm the order. As the next step, you will schedule the pickup, and you will send the product to the buyer, where he/she needs to pay the whole amount in cash. Please note, payment through cheque, draft, or any other means will not be acceptable by us from the buyer.

  • When will I get the paid amount?

The payment amount will be deposited to your account after two weeks of successful cash collection from the buyer.

  • Why does it take two weeks for me to get the amount?

We need some time to collect the amount and move the funds to you; we will try our level best to do it as soon as possible, in the worst take it might take up to two weeks.

  • Why am I being charged extra for COD?

We work with our providers to make sure we safely collect the money from the buyer and deposit it to you; the entire process requires operational effort hence the extra charges. However, what you should know is that if you enable COD on your store, you get a lot more payments from the buyer as compared to only online payments.

  • What are the total charges for a COD order?

Total charges = shipping charge (depending on the destination and source Pincode, dimension and value of the item) + COD charges ( 5% or ₹50 (whichever is higher))


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