Cashback on UPI

I received a cashback on my last transaction, however, I don’t see the banner now

Only certain transactions qualify to receive the cashback on Instamojo. So it is possible that you don’t see offer on all your transactions. Instamojo reserves the right to provide this offer on selected transactions. 


I received a higher cashback on my last transaction, however, I received lower cashback on my second transaction

The cashback amount can be different for every transaction. Instamojo reserves the right to decide the cashback amount.


How long does it take to receive the cashback amount 

The cashback you have won will be transferred to your UPI linked bank account in 7 working days.


I have not received the cashback yet.

You must have received the cashback in your UPI linked bank account. Please check  your bank statement for the same. If you still don’t find it - drop an email to along with the payment id. We will take a look and get back to you. 


I do not want my buyers to receive cashback

Please write to with your username and email id .We will make the necessary changes.


How to make payment using UPI


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