Store Type Settings

Introducing you to "Store Type Settings" for your Online Store. With the help of Store Type settings, you can now decide to choose what your customers should be doing with your product once they reach your online store. 

Once you login to your Instamojo Dashboard, go to Online Store>Store Setup>Profile:



Below are the type of store settings you can enable and details of the same:

  • Shopping-Store


Once this option is enabled, your customers will be able to see the below options once they open any product in your online store:


  • Enquiry


Under this setting, customers will be able to find an "Enquire Now" button on your product page. 


Once the customer selects the "Enquire Now" option, they will be redirected to a form as shown below where they can fill in their details and submit their query. This will be directly sent to your registered email ID.


  • Disabled Cart


Under this option, the customer will be able to only see a "Buy Now" option on your product page.


We hope this feature will add value to your eCommerce business and your online store experience. 

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