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Custom Pages 

Custom pages are the additional pages that you can add to your Store Website. These can be the pages customized according to the upcoming OFFERS or SALE and for the premium or new range of products. 

 You can do the following on custom pages

  1. Adding a custom page
  2. Editing a custom page
  3. Deleting a custom page

Here's how you can add custom pages to your store.

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store -> Store Settings -> Pages -> Custom Pages


Click on the Custom pages button and you will be taken to the Your custom pages --> Click on Add Custom Page.


Here you can fill in the page details and create a custom page to reflect on the store.



Fill in the following details to create a Custom Page

Name - Enter the name of the custom page.

URL Path - Give the address of the Custom page. Eg.- /

Page Title - You can give a Meta Title to your custom page. This title will be visible when you move your cursor to the custom page tab on your title bar.

Content - The information and description you want to convey to your customers are mentioned here. The content can have HTML elements as well. 

Login required - Select this box to allow only logged in customers should be able to visit the custom page.

Use theme box - Select this box if you want your content to be in accordance with the store theme.


Click on the Navigate Icon on the Url Path


The Url path will take you to the online store page. You can see the Content of the Custom page is updated here as " Heading "

Click on Edit Content to Edit the content of the Custom page.


You will see the Following Screen when you Edit the Content on the Page 

Click on the Embed icon to insert the snippet


 You can insert your code in the Following Way


Save the Changes 




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