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We understand that managing store orders can be a tiresome task, so we've done our best to simplify it for you.

Access all your orders from the left panel of your dashboard by selecting Online store, then Orders, and finally All Orders.


Effortlessly manage all your orders in one convenient location on your dashboard by following these simple steps: 

Efficiently filter your orders on the manage orders page with a variety of methods available.

  1. Find your orders by searching for the order ID, buyer email, or buyer name.


  1. Filter your orders by their shipment status and payment status with just a few clicks.


Filter by payments :



  1. Narrow down your orders by product name using our efficient filtering system.


Order status updates 

The merchants can still manually update the shipment status of an order for precise tracking and delivery. 



You can also cancel your customer's orders easily from your dashboard



The manage orders page will provide you with all the necessary information, including buyer details, payment details, order details, and custom field data.

Export your selected orders easily and have them delivered directly to your email inbox.


The order export option allows you to export various fields or data, including:

Order ID, Order date, Order status, product title, SKU, Product quantity, Product variant, Custom fields, discount codes, discount amount, shipping fee, the shipping method used, taxes, order amount, buyer details, and payment information. 


The products purchased within an Order ID are listed separately, with each product identified by its product title. The details specific to each product are listed in individual rows.


Here's the format of the order export file for your reference:

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