Manage Store Orders

Managing store orders can be a tiring process. We have tried and simplified it for you as we best could. 

Here’s how you can Manage your Orders all in one place in your dashboard: 

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store -> Orders -> All Orders

All your product-related Orders are listed under the Orders section.

You can filter your Orders by Order ID, buyer details, order status, and order payment status:



Order ID: Order ID is a numeric ID of the product

Order status: Status of the product could be processing, dispatched, completed, etc

Order Type: Order type by archived and Unarchived.

Payment status: Payment status could be pending, received, failed, or refunded.

You can export the order details from the same page, by selecting the entries from the list:



Here's how you can cancel your customer's Orders from your Dashboard

Click on the Order ID to view the details of the order/cancel the order: 



Click on Cancel Order to Cancel the customer's Order. An email will be sent to your customers notifying them that the Order has been canceled by you.  

Note: Shipping status will not be updated in your dashboard if shipping is done Via a different vendor.

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