Manage Store Orders

Managing Orders can be a tiring process but we are here to make it simple for you. 

Here’s how you can Manage your Orders all at one place in your dashboard. 

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store -> Orders -> All Orders

All your product-related Orders are listed under the Orders section.

You can filter your Orders by Order ID, Order ID created date, Product Ordered By, Source of the Orders and Order payment status.


Order Type can be filtered by Archived Orders and Unarchived Orders


Order Payment status can be filtered by Payment Initiated, Processing, Completed, and failed.



Status of the Orders can be filtered by Payment Pending, Order Initiated, Processing, Order dispatched, Completed, Failed, Lost, Refunded. 




Order ID: Order ID is a numeric ID of the product

Order status: Status of the product could be payment pending, initiated, dispatched etc

Order Type: Order type by archived and Unarchived.

Payment status: Payment status could be initiated, processing, completed, failed.

Sources: Source is where the order is placed. It could be a web or app.

You can export, Import and Edit the order details by clicking on the icons present on the toolbar 

Ordered on: Date of the order placed on.

Ordered by: Details of the customer who has placed the order


Cancel Orders 

Here's how you can cancel your customer's Orders from your Dashboard

Click on the Order Id to view the Orders page 


Click on Cancel Order to Cancel the customer's Order. An email will be sent to your customers notifying them that the Order has been canceled by you.  

Note: Shipping status will not be updated in your dashboard if shipping is done Via a different vendor  

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